About Page


My name is Krzysztof Żuraw. I'm currently working at Ingrid as a frontend developer and a team leader.

Right now I'm doing frontend work with TypeScript, React, Redux and RxJS. Previously I was working with Python (mainly Django framework).

If I'm not coding I like to brew good coffee with Chemex or Areopress. You can find me also in various food spots (tasty ones) around Wrocław.

I also like giving back to community so I was a few times mentor on Django Grils (Wrocław & Kraków). I teach Python at Code Geeks Carrots Wrocław. I'm coorganizer of Wrocław TypeScript meetup.

You can find my code at GitHub. My talks at Speakers Deck. I have LinkedIn profile too. If you want you can write to me or follow at Twitter.