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Django, GraphQL & React - part one

July 02, 2017

Hello! Welcome back after a little break - I recently started working on a project that uses GraphQL. Thant’s why I thought that it will be the best to show you how to build a simple application using these tools. Let’s get started!

First, comes this idea - what application can I create so I will be able to use Django, GraphQL, React & Relay?

After few minutes/hours, I decided to create simple film database. In my Django application, I will be keeping records of actors & films. GraphQL will fetch them but also will get data from external source. React will consume GraphQL response using Relay.

For better understanding I created this diagram:

Application flow

As you can see light blue color represents frontend part of a whole application. Yellow is GraphQL layer - I like to think about it in terms of a gate to API. API word is combined with Django Application that uses PostgreSQL database and external film API. They are in green color.

This week I created Django application which can be found in this github repo.

That’s all for today! It was a quick intro to what I will be doing in following weeks so stay tuned for GraphQL posts!

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