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I build a thing - writer mode for VSCode

April 01, 2019


So I build the thing called writer mode - why? I really like using VSCode for both my coding and writing in markdown. There is zen mode but I wanted a little bit more than full screen and no sidebars. That’s why I created write mode.


What exactly is writer mode? I see it as a zen mode with additional features to make writing better experience in visual studio code. Besides activating zen mode I’ve added larger font & I disabled vertical rules that guide how many characters are in line.


I also played a little bit vs code api. I have to say it is really easy to start developing your own extension from scratch. Sometimes I felt a little bit lost on how to get access to certain things but the overall experience was really nice.

Future plan

The main focus for now is to have a feature where the current line is highlighted and the rest of the editor is dimmed. I believe this gives even more focus on things that I’m writing. I also want to add configuration options.

Summary & TL;DR

I’ve built a VSCode extension called writer mode for distraction-free writing. You can download it using this link.

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