Interesting links that I found - vol.3


  • Design for Developers on Fronted Masters. This course by Sarah Drasner blew my mind. I'm still in progress but every video that I watch has something interesting and awesome to show or explain.
  • The experimental layout lab of Jen Simmons. I've got this link from previously motioned course. Really nice resource to see how you can use a CSS to create a wonderful layout. Also, the code is really clean.
  • Table magic. Really nice multi-format table generator / converter. For example, you can convert CSV to a markdown table.
  • React debugging session. Nice write about debugging but I like this advice:

    Note: Using the || operator to add a log statement to a function prop is a great way to get around adding curly brackets.

  • react-window-communication-hook. NPM package for communication between iframe or browser tabs/windows.
  • Tech choices I Regret at Spectrum. It is nice to see what I can learn from others and how decisions of architecture can impact product that you are building.
  • CSS Viewport Units. Really interesting article about viewport units and why you may need them.