New version of writer mode

I recently updated my VS Code extension writer-mode to version 0.3.0. Before I start with what was changed - quick into what is writer mode? It is Visual Studio Code extension that allows you to temporary override editor settings and execute commands on activation & deactivation of extension. I use it for transforming VS Code into writing tool.

Going back to what is new in version 0.3.0? I totally rewrite writer mode. Why? I found out that having set of hardcoded settings is not scalable - previous version for example bumps line height to 21. What if I wanted to have line height of 24? I need to either update value in extension or figure out different way of handing it.

I also stumbled upon Building an ultimate writing machine from Sublime Text blog post and I really like the idea of having some kind of user/editor profiles that overrides certain settings.

I added 3 new settings:

  • writerMode.overrideSettings is a object where you can put key & value pairs of settings that will be set when extension is activated e.g. if you want to change font size use "editor.fontSize": "24"
  • writerMode.executeOnActivate is an array of commands (in string format) that will be executed when extension is activated. For example I want to toggle VSCode dimmer so I put dimmer.ToggleDimmer there.
  • ‌writerMode.executeOnDeactivate is similar setting but commands there are executed when extension is deactivated.

You can find new version on VSCode marketplace.