Weekly reads - 01/2022

Headless UI v1.0 – Tailwind CSS

Nice components to try with React.

A Small Guide for Naming Stuff in Front-end Code – Frank M Taylor

Good guide - I have to try it in JS code especially - most of my CSS nowadays in one of CSS-in-JS libraries.

Compare career levels across companies with Levels.fyi

If you need to compare career levels.

Insider guide to tech interviews | Bart Wronski

A lot of advice on how to get hired to Big Tech. Whiteboard coding - interesting explanation.

Five Useful Git Tips - adit.io

Nice tips for Git.

google/zx: A tool for writing better scripts

To try.

Home | Slidev

If I ever want to create slides.

A collection of popular layouts and patterns made with CSS - CSS Layout

Web layouts in HTML & CSS.

Taxonomy of Drafts

  1. It’s impossible to create a perfect system
  2. Don’t obsess over creating something that isn’t possible
  3. Obsess over the real things we want to accomplish
  4. We tinker with our system to avoid the real things
  5. Our system is not a real thing
  6. It’s a virtual filing cabinet
  7. Pretty much any thoughtful system is just fine
  8. So put a little thought into it
  9. And then ignore it for as long as possible
  10. The longer we ignore our system the better
  11. We don’t ignore it because of it (see 1 and 7)
  12. But because of us (See 4)