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Pomodoro timer - how good was your pomodoro?

Hello! This week I made the main feature of my pomodoro timer - checking if pomodoro was good or bad. I believe that is one of the ways...

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Pomodoro timer - breaks & localStorage

Hello! In today blog post I will write what I learn during this week of pomodoro timer development - breaks and localStorage. Table of...

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Pomodoro timer - notifications

Welcome! Today I will focus on notifications in JavaScript. Let's go! Table of Contents: Notifications in JavaScript How I implemented...

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Pomodoro timer - counting

Welcome to today's blog post! This blog post will be about implementing countdown in JavaScript and also about some CSS work I have to...

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Pomodoro timer - beginning

From this post I will try to make new a blog post series - documenting my projects. In previous projects like this, I had every time a...

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