This is my personal blog.

I'm currently living in Wrocław, Poland where I work as a Python/Django developer at STX Next.

Besides Python development, I'm a passionate toastmaster at Wroclove Speakers. I am keen on running, meeting new people and doing some street workout.

My projects:

  1. Histmag to kindle. Simple web crawler that sends you historical articles to your kindle device.
  2. Pomodoro timer. Pomodoro timer that can show if your 25 minutes was good or bad. Source code.
  3. All roads lead to. Select a place & see that all roads lead there. Github.
  4. Poznaj. Discover history of Wroclaw using your smartphone. Code.
  5. Podcast-app. Simple podcast searcher made in ReactJS. Code on github.

My talks:

  1. GeoDjango- kiedy GIS spotyka Django (Polish). Talk about GeoDjango, made for #20 wrocpy.
  2. GeoPy- geodokodowanie z Pythonem (Polish). Lightning talk about GeoPy library, made for #21 wrocpy.


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