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Monorepo structure for Django & React Applications

Hello! Today I will guide you through setting up React application with Django! Let's get started! First thing is where I place my...

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Testing React form components

In this blog post, I will present quick code snippets on how to test your React component. Especially the one that renders the form. My...

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Chaining promises in JavaScript

In this blog post, I will present to you how you can chain promises JavaScript. Let's go! Recently I ended my small side project . I...

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Callbacks & promises in JS for newbies

You are a newbie in JavaScript? You want to know a little bit more about asynchronous nature of this language? Join me! Table of...

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On building application using Google Maps API

This blog post will be about my failure. Failure to understand how javascript works but also what I learned along the way. Table of...

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