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Testing django template tags

In this blog post I will give you simple example how to test your template tags in django using django testing tools. Let's get started!...

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Gunicorn & LRU cache pitfall

Today I want to write about some interesting situation connected with using python LRU cache in an application that uses gunicorn. Table...

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Docker.py- python API for Docker

Once upon a time I and my friend decided to write an application that helps us doing code kata. The first problem that we faced was how...

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PyConPL 2016

This weekend I was on PyConPL conference. This is a short relation from this event. Table of Contents: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 1 I...

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Archives from memory- libarchive

This blog post is about python wrapper around libarchive and how to use it to generate archive from memory. Table of Contents:...

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