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Solutions reviews

What are solutions reviews? Why may you need one? Read this blog post to find out! Recently I was listening to the podcast - DevTalk. In...

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Lessons learned from being a mentor

Last week I was a mentor in two day Python workshop. The main goal of this event was to show people who didn't have any prior experience...

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Django, GraphQL & React - part one

Hello! Welcome back after a little break - I recently started working on a project that uses GraphQL. Thant's why I thought that it will...

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Testing React form components

In this blog post, I will present quick code snippets on how to test your React component. Especially the one that renders the form. My...

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Building python packages for debian

There are many ways how to build & distribute python packages: pypi, devpi. But if you happen to use debian based OSes you can build...

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