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  1. How to type Next.js env variables in TypeScript
  2. Custom font on GitHub
  3. Migrating Next.js plugins from next-compose-plugins
  4. HTML table sticky header with borders
  5. Compiling Tailwind CSS components in monorepo
  6. Run script on files changes using nodemon
  7. PNPM and monorepo fun
  8. Hiding SEO spam from Google using uBlock filters
  9. HOC for React Query
  10. Generating TypeScript types from Swagger schema
  11. Raycast script - copy foremost Safari window as markdown link
  12. Enable spell check on mac
  13. Font smoothing after Big Sur
  14. How to enable cmd+tab switcher on all monitors
  15. On setting up Next.js with Docker on Google Cloud
  16. How to open custom URL with Next.js dev command
  17. How to use Deno in Raycast scripts commands
  18. How to open man in Mac OS Preview
  19. How to add shebang to deno script
  20. Amazon Glacier + Arq backup
  21. Migrating blog to Eleventy
  22. On reading paper magazines
  23. New version of writer mode
  24. On generating social images for this blog
  25. Alfred Snippet workflow
  26. HTML has a base tag
  27. Distractions tips & tricks
  28. TIL - Chrome has emulate focused page
  29. TIL - how height:auto works
  30. Tooling overload in JS
  31. Stack & Column in CSS-in-JS
  32. Intl Collator in JavaScript
  33. How to split antd theme into smaller components
  34. Setting up webpack for chrome extension development
  35. RxJS and auth token expiration timers
  36. How to setup emotion css prop to work with Parcel & TypeScript
  37. Cron under MacOS
  38. Placeholder shown CSS selector
  39. Firefox has copy url button
  40. Ramda clamp
  41. How to read TypeScript errors and not get mad?
  42. Interesting links that I found - vol.4
  43. Lowering selectors in react/redux
  44. What I learned by adding webmentions to my blog
  45. Formik - useFormikContext and useField hooks
  46. Wrocław TypeScript meetup online
  47. Interesting links that I found - vol.3
  48. course review
  49. Interesting links that I found - vol. 2
  50. What I learned from redesigning my blog
  51. Interesting links that I found - vol. 1
  52. Testing gatsby blog with
  53. Query string library have stringifyUrl
  54. Yup validation - one field required but not both at the same time
  55. Customizing Gatsby Graphql schema
  56. UX/UI Space Wrocław vol.8
  57. CSS in JS patterns
  58. Photo Grid Codepen challenge
  59. Implementing stripe card for fun & profit
  60. Career change - developer + designer
  61. Using Xstate with inputs in React
  62. IE11 text overflow in flex container
  63. Explain TypeScript to me
  64. Side project with svelte
  65. Safari scrolling error
  66. TypeScript abstract classes
  67. My first interviews for software developer
  68. TypeScript function overloads
  69. Side project - CSS on blog
  70. Hiding elements with opacity
  71. Multiple stow directories
  72. Open sourcing tsconfig
  73. I build a thing - writer mode for VSCode
  74. TypeScript classes, interfaces and all between
  75. On React Render props vs HOC
  76. Setting up simple React & TypeScript project
  77. How to find blog ideas
  78. Dependency injection in redux-observable
  79. switchMap in redux-observable
  80. How to update progress of long request with redux-observable
  81. How to dispatch multiple actions based on api call in redux-observable
  82. Lessons learned from coding TM Conference website
  83. Lessons learned from writing pet project in React with Redux
  84. How design of your API can affect others
  85. You dont know promises
  86. Debouncing forms in React with Redux
  87. Python Belgrade
  88. Legacy projects
  89. Mutations in Relay Modern
  90. Summary of 2017
  91. 100 days of code
  92. Fragments and queries in Relay Modern
  93. Setting up Relay Modern on frontend
  94. Javascript Conference Budapest 2017
  95. On moving blog to Gatsby.js
  96. Debugging python code with wdb
  97. Python imports validation
  98. Moving to Relay in Django backend
  99. Monorepo structure for Django & React Applications
  100. Solutions reviews
  101. Lessons learned from being a mentor
  102. Django, GraphQL & React
  103. Testing React form components
  104. Building python packages for debian
  105. Chaining promises in JavaScript
  106. Django and nginx file proxy
  107. Dont use defaults
  108. Testing django template tags
  109. Testing django mixins
  110. Callbacks & promises in JS for newbies
  111. All roads lead to
  112. Pomodoro timer
  113. Gunicorn & LRU cache pitfall
  114. Provisioning django application using ansible
  115. Review of 2016
  116. Transcoding with AWS
  117. python API for Docker
  118. Django Girls- Kraków
  119. Django Under The Hood 2016 recap
  120. PyConPL 2016
  121. Microservices in Flask
  122. JSON Web Tokens in django application
  123. Archives from memory- libarchive
  124. Python & WebDAV
  125. Makefiles in python projects
  126. My thoughts on blogging
  127. Factory pattern in python
  128. Design by contract in python
  129. Django application with puppet
  130. Two forms one view in django
  131. Ports and Adapters in python
  132. My first personal project
  133. Mocks and monkeypatching in python
  134. My first workshop experience
  135. Automatic blog deployment with TravisCI
  136. Moving blog to pelican
  137. Django + Celery & Rabbit
  138. Django cookiecutter
  139. Django Haystack and Elasticsearch
  140. Python class @decorators
  141. Python __slots__
  142. Http and websockets logging handlers
  143. GeoDjango and Leaflet.js