Hello 👋🏻

Welcome to my personal site. I'm self-taught frontend developer. I enjoy working with TypeScript, React, Redux and RxJs. Previously I was coding in Python (mainly Django framework). You can find my projects on github and tools on uses page. I have LinkedIn too.

If I'm not coding I like to brew some good coffee with Chemex or Aeropress. You can also find me in various food spots (tasty ones) around Wrocław. I also like giving back to community so a few times I was a mentor on Django Girls (Wrocław & Kraków) and used to teach Python at Code Geeks Carrots Wrocław (where I met my lovely girlfriend).

I like to organize things. I'm coorganizer of Wrocław TypeScript meetup. I'm helping in coordination of Django Girls Wrocław. If you need a place & help with preparing some event do not hesitate to contact me (email is on the footer).

I have monthly newsletter. Last but not least, I have a pinboard account where I keep interesting links.