Django Girls- Kraków

As I said many times on this blog I really like teaching others so I can improve myself. That’s why when I heard about Django Girls Kraków I didn’t hesitate and I joined this event as a coach. This is short recap from Django Girls Kraków #3.

Installation party

The main event was held on Saturday but the day before there was a small installation party when for two hours girls were installing necessary tools for workshops such as python, django virtualenv and git. When it comes to my team there were 3 girls on it: Joanna, Olga and Magda. Before the Django Girls organizators came up with a wonderful idea that to get to know everyone in the team a little bit better, every person has to write a few sentences about themselves. Thanks to that there were already conversation starters. The installation went well without any major problems (considered that girls used Windows). After the installation party there was a pleasant surprise - dinner for coaches to thank for their work. Super cool!

Workshop day

Workshops started early - at 9 am. Girls started working on django girls tutorial. I decided to do the same - if I hadn’t done this I wouldn’t have known where problems could have occurred. Fortunately there is a windows virtual machine image so I could work in the same environment as my protégés. I have to say that the whole workshop lasted 10 hours and it was really demanding to be focused during this whole time. Because of that, there were breaks for lunch or contest. What is more, a small session of lightning talks was held. I have to say girls did an amazing job so I didn’t have much to do but some problems were not trivial. I learn not to do something called ‘dive back driving’ so doing everything rather than letting girls do it and learn along the way. I also have to train my patience.


I learnt quite a few things during these workshops. But I wanted to thank organizators for their hard work on this event. Moreover, I wanted to thank my protégés - girls you did an amazing job-keep it up!

Special thanks to Kasia for being editor for this post. Thank you.