My first workshop experience

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Hello ! In today’s blog post I present my experiences about some workshop that I have the pleasure to conduct. Later as I promised I will present exercises and their answers.

When I joined STX Next I saw an opportunity to teach people how to write code. I am not experienced guy yet but I believe that teaching others can have great benefits for me. So when I heard that 2016 edition of workshops called PHP in Wrocław was announced I decided to take part. By the way, PHP means Python has Power, not any affiliations with elephants.

Author of this blog post with his students

What is exactly this workshop about? In about 7 hours my task was to present basics of python. I know that it sounds a little bit overwhelmed but I believe that is a nice start to have.

So what is exactly on agenda?

As you can see almost all necessary topics are covered. What I really enjoyed was questions from the audience. People ask me a variety of questions from how to do something to how I started programming. Moreover, every 1,5h there was the break on network coffee and one for pizzas!

Agenda in pythons

For me, it was a great experience. I was able to teach others and learn from it!

People at work

At the end of the workshop, I have question about why is that possible in python

>>> def func(a,b,c):
...     print(a,b,c)
>>> func(c=1,b=2, *(13,))
(13, 1, 2)

After some investigation, I found out that positional arguments are processed before keyword ones. So, in this case, unpacking tuple will assign 13 to a. More on this can be found in PEP 3102.

Update 18.04.16

I almost forget to include source code from this workshop. You can find code and presentation under this github repo.