My thoughts on blogging

This week I decided to write something more about what are reasons I wrote this blog, what I am taking from it so if you want some more technical post please check other articles.

What I want from this blog

I started this blog as a reference to myself about things in software development that I learn along the way. Moreover, this blog is a place to present my own opinions but I really welcome any comments especially ones that expand my view.

Why blogging?

I see couple benefits of blogging. First of all, you are learning. And I mean a lot- every blog post I write teach me something- either how to format my code in code snippets or implementation specific things. People who giving comments either via reddit or disqus teach me something. And I really mean that. Before I started writing content I knew that there will be people who are haters and while I was thinking how to be invulnerable to such persons I came to the conclusion that every guy who left the comment on my blog wants to teach me something- I try not to take things personally.

Another thing is also connected with learning- your are learning not even how to code but you also learn how to write, to write in English. This language isn’t my native one so I still have trouble with writing long passages of text in English but with every post, I make myself better.

The last thing with learning is my belief that the best way to learn something is to teach this thing to another human being. You have to know a big deal of subject if you want to write a good blog post and during writing, you are thinking how to present this topic in simple and consistent manner.

Conclusion and why I write this post

I made this quick blog post for the remainder to myself why I made this blog as well as for readers who may be interested in figuring out for what reason I write. But the most important thing is: I made this post because I don’t have time this week to prepare proper blog post and I added some features to ease sharing content wrote by me.