PyConPL 2016

This weekend I was on PyConPL conference. This is a short relation from this event.

Day 1

I was on a presentation by Marcin Bardź PostgreSQL i SQLAlchemy Duet (nie)doskonały. It was a talk about the tandem of two tools that are commonly used in Python world: PostreSQL and SQLAlchemy. In this talk, Marcin presented a basic description of what exactly a database is, how postgresql is meeting the requirements of a good database. Then he talked about SQLAlchemy basic stuff like quering, creating tables or making relations. I would have liked this talk more if it would been for more experienced people. But in general it was a good talk.

Day 2

It was a hard day. Only talks that I had time to attend were lightning talks where I found a range of topics starting from python tests to golf coding contest. As I am on this topic I was one of the makers of my company Code Golf game - It was a simple code golf game in which contestants had to solve one of the following tasks: game of life, tic tac toe and reverse polish notation. What I have learned from this is that there always have to be tests. ALWAYS. I don’t have ones and as it turns out there was a problem that my test cases that were supposed to test code were bugged and solving this issue on spot isn’t pleasant.

Day 3

In the morning I was attending talk by Michał Lowas Rzecionek about Async pod maską. It was an interesting talk about what exactly is going on under the hood in Next presentation that I happened to be at was a keynote by Jessica McKellar about systems. It was an interesting talk mainly about current social systems and their relation to programming.

Day 4

During the conference, there was a very interesting capture the flag competition. The theme of this CTF was the Lord of the Rings. As it turns out there was about 60 teams of 2 people. Tasks were not so simple and many people did not do all 10 tasks. Right after that there was a talk by Kasia Jachim about how to write code that is not testable. To be honest I really don’t know what this talk was about.

This was my short relation from this year PyConPl 2016. What are your feelings? Please tell me in comments.

Special thanks to Kasia for being editor for this post. Thank you.