100 days of code

Today I want to write to you about some very interesting idea - coding challenge!

Recently while browsing a twitter I found a #100DaysOfCode hashtag. Then I came to challenge website. So I decided to give it a try!

What is 100 Days of Code

This is a coding challenge when you commit yourself to coding every day at least 1h and document that. The whole action takes place on Twitter where you can track your progress posting quick info about what you did today.

Why I choose that challenge

I like the idea of having small steps consistently through large time span. I’d rather spent 30min every day instead of spending 2,5h once in a week. 100 Days of Code is a good example of this approach. I also like support that is coming from community (either via twitter or slack). I give me the power to go through every day and code this 1h.

What I want to accomplish

I decided to make yourself better in at least two areas: CSS and algorithms. Why? I want to get more into front-end work so I cannot escape from CSS here. Algorithms - I always struggle with that as I didn’t have CS diploma.

I encourage all of you to take part!

Let’s see how this will go - I will write blog post summing up the whole action.