Dont use defaults

Recently I bought simple LTE router. While reading through manual I noticed something interesting.

Why leaving insecure defaults can be a problem?

Everyone who buys this model will have the same settings. For example accessing the main router dashboard. Type and admin/admin. You are inside!

Isn’t that a little bit dangerous?

I think yes. Then I thought about all this tools and frameworks that we use to build web applications. Do we really change their security default settings?

A few studies: power of default, do users change their settings ? shows that not especially.

Leaving insecure defaults can lead to for example MongoDB hack. Imagine how this can affect your customer.

What can you do?

I use mostly Django for web applications. As you may know, Django comes with admin panel. By default, this panel is under host/admin. So far so good but what if you don’t change it in production? If attacker will recognize that your web server is using Django he/she will first try to look for admin on default address. You can change that by providing ADMIN_URL in settings file.

This is one of the examples how to change even this innocent looking settings to make it harder or prevent an attacker from accessing your data.

What is always good is to read security documentation for every tool that you will be using like Postgres or redis.


Change insecure default settings in production!

That’s all for today! This was my first blog post from category opinion so feel free to comment on my opinions.