Javascript Conference Budapest 2017

Day 1

Until the break, there were four speeches. First about community, open source and licenses. What I got from it is that: use Apache license instead of MIT one. Why? The first one has more explicit terminology where to use something and where to not use them.

The next talk was about Observables. How to hook into ones and what for good things you can use them. Also, it reminds me what cool things I can do with JavaScript.

Right after a lunch break, I listened to talk about Async. How can I leverage async and create proper APIs. I need to grab slides for that one! The last talk before lunch was about imposter syndrome. It was very good talk that gives my insights how to deal which such feeling that I had from time to time (especially with the new projects).

After the lunch, I watch talk about JavaScript Metaprogramming with proxies. A lot of useful content to learn and try with my self! The new Proxy API looks promising.

Next one was a talk about CSS in JS - especially CSS mixins. I have to say that keeping whole logic inside your javascript instead of css is a great advantage. I have to try on my own project. After that talk, I listened to CSP (Content Security Policy) talk. It was nice but I didn’t get any new information that I couldn’t know before.

I also saw talk about practical Web Assembly. It was a very good talk on what will be next in JS word - running not only JavaScript in the browser.

The closing talk was about home automation - I listened man to with great passion for what he does - it was amazing talk.

Day 2

The first day started with a talk about MVC but not the Model-View-Controller but about Mozart Violin Concerto. It was a great to remind myself about principles that are actual in software engineering word as well as in music.

The next talk was about web animations and how to deal with them using CSS or JavaScript. Good intro to web animations. After that, I heard about migration that Pinterest did. They moved from their legacy system to React. It was nice to see how they did such thing.

Before the lunch break, there was a talk about accessibility. I get a lot of insights and thought about how I approach making the websites after this talk!

After the lunch, I watched talk about code reviews and it gets me thinking more about them. How I do them and how others in my team do them too. What is purpose and effect of my code reviews? Great talk!

I also watched talk about animations. It gets me thinking about them and how can I play with them so I I will be able to use them for my future projects. Also great hear.

And here ends my quick summary of two days full of talks and meeting new people at JsConfBP.