Review of 2016

Hello in the new year - 2017! I wish you all good things! Today’s post will be about one year of this very blog and other things that I was able to accomplish in the previous year. This blog post won’t contain code so if you are hungry for that please wait one more week.

Projects that I did

I really like doing things and based on that learning form it. Recently I read a couple of good pieces about why this is important from people that I personally admire: piece one & piece two.

So I did a couple of projects that I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t had this blog, you can find them under this github repo. I also created a small prototype of an application that works with docker python api: tdd-app-prototype. What is more, in my work I started using puppet so I did a simple puppet & vagrant project for provisioning django application using this tool: vagrant-puppet. I wrote a small project that is using reddit api and I learnt about ports & adapters: reddit-stars. The last project that I did last year was simple web crawler: histmag-to-kindle.

I also started one project: poznaj that I’m working on in my free time.

Conferences, events that I went & speeches that I had

I happened to be at 2 conferences previous year: PyConPl and Django Under The Hood. I also did become a mentor in Django Girls Kraków.

I did one speech about microservices during wrocpy.

Open source contributions

This is the area that I can work on more - I made a contribution to python-libarchive-c. It was my first open source contribution! I was so happy that I helped this project. But there are more things that I can do. I realize that most of the people who are involved in open source are doing it in only a couple of projects. It can be connected with that, every project that you are working with you need to know a little bit more and after that you can start contributing more - it takes time and dedication. That’s why I want to work a little bit more on mozilla addons-server. I assigned myself to one of the issues there but I haven’t had time to work on them. It’s high time to fix that. I also joined Django Under The Hood to contribute more to Django but I was able only to work on some documentation fix.

That all for today! It was my short summary of the previous year! Thanks for reading and see you next week.

Special thanks to Kasia for being an editor for this post. Thank you.