Summary of 2017

Hello! In this blog post, I will write a little bit more what I was able to do in passing 2017. Let’s get started!

What I did

In this year I was able to write 34 blog posts! Which is a great success. This year I started playing a little bit more with JavaScript and thanks to that I made 3 pet projects: podcast-app - made for learning React, all-roads-lead-to - to play with Google Maps, pomodoro-timer - to play with pure JavaScript. I started working on photogram - yet this project is in progress, I’m learning here React & Redux.

What I found out during this one year that I like working with fronts for web pages. I never before had such job while creating something with a code as I’ve got this year. Based on that I decided that I will continue my career with this direction and work next year also with JS, HTML & CSS.

What I did not

This year was also a year of a few shortcomings: I figured out that I’m not the best developer out here - I got a lesson about being humble. I also didn’t manage to keep my promises - lessons learned - do not promise things that you can’t deliver. I learn how not to handle large tasks and develop large features. How I can be distracted.


This year was good - I failed a lot but I learned a lot. Into the next year! Take care and happy new year!