How to dispatch multiple actions based on api call in redux-observable


In my work a have a task - when one of the actions in redux-observable is completed I wanted to dispatch another set of actions. In other words, one action is triggering dispatching of another one.


const sampleEpic: Epic<RootAction, RootState> = (action$, store) =>
  action$.filter(isActionOf(myTriggerAction)).switchMap((action) =>
      .switchMap((res) =>
      .catch(({ message, stack }) => Observable.of(errorAction))

At the beginning of this snippet I filtering stream of actions in order to pick only those that I’m interested in. After that, I perform apiRequest and cast in to be Observable. - standard way.

In the next switchMap I concat the 2 streams of observables - each one which it’s own action into one stream. Using this technique I can right now dispatch a bunch of actions based on one api call.

This is it for today! I was a quick blog post but you can email me with your feedback.