How to find blog ideas

Recently I was a little bit stuck. I did not have any idea about next blog post. I started researching why it happened and it turned out that I wasn’t considering a couple of ideas that may help me with finding blog ideas.

The first recommendation I have found is about having a list. A list of topics to write about. This is similar to speech ideas. If you encounter something interesting on interwebs, slack rooms or from your colleagues - write it down. I saw that even writing a few words about a topic then gives me an ability to check if I have enough time to write about this topic.

The second recommendation was about finding what is hot in your community. This is something that was a little hard to follow - why? Something sure can be interesting to others but will it be interesting for me? I started this blog for myself and if the topic that I want to touch isn’t interesting at all - I do not write about it.

Last ideas that I found is about finding new ideas. The first one is that you have an audience you can ask them - what will be interesting to them? If this topic is interesting to you too - you write about it. This is an interesting move to make and see how it will work in my case.


In this short article I presented three ways to find blog ideas: