Python Belgrade

In this blog post, I want to write about my experience with taking at Python Belgrade.


You may ask - why you even write about this? This is a valid question and I want to answer it in one simple sentence - because I want to give back.

When I was starting my journey with programming I have a pleasure to be part of group where we were taught by experienced developers how to code. It was so awesome experience so when I become software developer I decided to give my knowledge back to the community. I can learn - they can learn - a win-win situation.

That’s why when I got an invitation to Python Belgrade I do not hesitate to go there and give a speech!

My thoughts

My speech was about Lessons Learned from integrating Django & GraphQL. You can find slides here.

This was my first meetup talk given outside Poland - I was a little bit nervous how the people from a different country will receive Polish guy talking to them. The response was awesome - they were interested and curious. After the talk I got quite a few questions and good feedback.

I was able to talk with them about their problems with GraphQL and other technologies that they use.

What is more, I was able to see Belgrade - beautiful city where even in winter sun is shining.

Overall I was really impressed of the quality of the event (this is a local meetup). I saw agenda a couple weeks before. There were about ~ 50 people who spend their Friday evening listening to others.


At the beginning paragraph, I talk about why I write about it. I forgot to mention that they are constantly looking for new speakers! So if you want to give a speech or know someone who wants please let me know. It is a wonderful introduction to the speaking at conferences.