Career change - developer + designer

In this blog post, I will write a little bit more about my career plans. It won’t be a tutorial or technical blog post per se.

Recently I was thinking about my carrier. A little bit of context: I started as a Python developer, then after 2 years moved into JavaScript + TypeScript. While working closely with user-facing code I decided that I will move into user interfaces even more. It means that I want to work as a developer who can design. There is a notion of a designer who can code but I want to emphasis that I’m a software developer who is going to enter design word.


As I’m really keen on learning in public and mindframing I decided to try those ideas on this journey.


I regularly commit to spending an hour (x5 per week) for 1h to work towards being developer + design. You can see my progress on makerslog


This point is in essence:


I already have a few places that I can use to create my own content:


I have a few side project ideas and at first, I want to split those into small areas. Then work with them and after that combine them into one project.


I decided to be a developer and designer. In this blog & social media (mostly Twitter) I will document my journey. Let’s get started 🎉