Open sourcing tsconfig

Hi again 🖖

Today I want to write about the thing that we did in my work. I currently work at Ingrid. All of your codebases is written in TypeScript which is using tsconfig as a way to tell the compiler what to do. Most of tsconfig is the same for all of your project so we decided to open source it 🎉.


You may ask why do such a thing? A first argument is that we can enforce good practices for all of our codebase. If there is a new setting - we can adjust it in one place and all the project will have it.

This is also the first step in making our internal ts-guide. We already have a common prettier config. The next step will be to add Ingrid tslint rules.

How can you use it

Because it is open source you can use it in your own project by installing it:

npm install --save-dev @ingridab/tsconfig

and extending your own configuration:

  "extends": "@ingridab/tsconfig",
  "compilerOptions": {
    "baseUrl": "./",
    "paths": {
      "~src/*": ["src/*"]
    "plugins": [
        "name": "typescript-tslint-plugin"

Summary & TL;DR

The company that I work for open sourced their tsconfig. You can use it in your own project too! What are the other tools or configs that your company open sourced? Please write in the comments!