Side project with svelte

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I recently found out article on HN about this new cool kid in the JavaScript world - Svelte. As I was reading through the blog post I decided to play a little bit of my own with this framework. In this short blog post I will write my findings from this side project.

You don’t need prior knowledge before reading this material but knowledge of TypeScript or JavaScript will help.


My idea was to build simple application that will take GeoJSON and display points on the map.

Yes I know that it can be done in pure JavaScript and in any other framework but I decided that I will do it in Svelte.

I want it to be quick side project, so I jump into the code straight away (I did some 60s tutorial to svelte).

One of my main perquisites was that I want to do it in TypeScript.

I found some scaffolded template. I installed it. Everything was looking fine.

I started coding some basic logic of my application in App.svelte (this is format of files that framework is expecting).

TypeScript support

Yet after a while I found out that my types are missing!. I can declare new variable - it has proper types. Yet when I try to use it - my types are gone!

Types in svelte

The same code in normal .ts file works fine.

It may be connected with the fact that .svelte files can consist of at most 3 parts:

<script></script> // this is where all JavaScript logic is kept
<style></style> // css styles per component
<div></div> // pure html with some handlers and block logic from framework

Summary: TypeScript support - no.


Let’s go to the next part - syntax. I’m really curious why people want to get away from JSX and it’s DOM manipulation? Instead of having:

<div>{showComponent && <Component />}</div>

You have:

{#if showComponent}
<Component />

Personally I find it strange to write custom templates instead of JavaScript code.

Ease of development

Svelte tutorial is really good in explaining basic concepts of framework. It even has a section where you can find example of what I tried to accomplish - render points on the map.

I also really liked ease of setting all up - you run one command to scaffold the folder for you and you are ready to start developing!

What I did not tried

My application do not need svelte main strength - reactivity. At least in this stage of development. Thus I cannot say how it is compared to other frameworks.

Summary & TL;DR

I tired to use Svelte framework in my pet project. It was interesting journey.

I liked

What I didn’t like

Did you tried Svelte? What was your take on that?