cssgrid.io course review

This blog post will be all about CSS Grid course by Wes Bos. If you are looking for information if you benefit from such a course - you are in a good place. Before I start - there are other blog posts about this course on the internet.

You can check them here:

CSS grid course

The course consists of 25 videos. Some of them are short and simple to digest but those at the end are quite lengthy - so if you are coding along this may take some time. It took me about 1 month of 30min every day to end this course.

Lessons from 1 to 11 and from 12 to 18 are mostly for explaining how all grid properties work and how they fit together. The other lessons (11 and from 18 till 25) are for you to code along or kept in style: you first code and then watch how Wes is doing the exercise.

Wes starts by describing most of (if not all) grid properties and what they are doing. What is important - he is not doing it in an ‘academic’ way. You may ask what is an ‘academic’ way?

The academic way is describing the grid-template-row is a way that makes you wanna cry after 2 seconds of watching. Something like: grid-template-row is the CSS property defines the line names and track sizing functions of the grid rows. Why I don’t like this approach? Because you don’t have a clue how to use grid-template-row in your code after sentence above.

Fortunately, Wes is showing CSS grid properties in practice and telling what each piece of syntax is doing.

I really enjoyed the cardio part - a part where you supposed to try first and then rewatch to see if your solution was correct.

The last videos are pretty intense as you are suppose to code along with the author.

What is more, I like that he is giving tips & tricks that you can introduce in your day to day work as a web developer. More importantly, I have a lot of ideas that I can right now work on my own and to be better at the CSS grid.

Summary & TL;DR

I ended watching CSS Grid course by Wes Bos and I can really recommend it. It is an introduction to CSS grid. In the end, you get an idea of how the CSS grid work with different schemes for your side projects.