Interesting links that I found - vol.4

New library

Motion layout - a really interesting library for creating animations. Something I will check out.

Declarative Programming

The Unreasonable Effectiveness Of Declarative Programming - a nice example of doing one thing well using declarative programming. I see connections with concepts of functional programming. Description of the library is interesting: composing functions that manipulate values over time.

Line height in CSS & Design

How to tame line height in CSS. Nice read about how designers perceive leading and how it is connected with line-height. I think it will be nice to introduce basekick into a system that I have in work - maybe then we start creating pixel-perfect designs 🤔. Overall nice idea of having common ground between designers and developers.

Shapes created in CSS

The shapes of CSS - a nice roundup of shapes that can be created using only CSS.

CSS solutions to web problems

Modern CSS Solutions for Old CSS problems - ton content about how to deal with problems on the web e.g styling buttons or centering. Recommended.

CSS outline

Don’t disable outline, master it instead!. Article full of techniques on how to deal with outline and why you shouldn’t use outline: none.