Query string library have stringifyUrl

I’ve been using query-string library to create my query string for a long time. Normally I’ve used it as follows:

import * as qs from "query-string";

const API_URL = "/users?" + qs.stringfy({ user: "1" });
// API_URL will be /users?user=1

Everything was fine until my parameter was null or undefined. When such case occurs my API_URL looked something like /users?. It wasn’t a problem for the endpoint - the request was hitting backend yet I’ve some feeling that it can be done better. Today when I was integrating query-string into a new project I found out about new function: stringifyUrl. Let’s see it in action:

import * as qs from "query-string";

const API_URL = qs.stringifyUrl(
    url: "/users",
    query: {
      user: 1,
  { skipNull: true },
// API_URL will be /users?user=1
// and in case when user id is null
// /users

Perfect 🎉. Now I’m happy and I’ve learned new stuff - so if you happen to use query-string consider using stringifyUrl.