Amazon Glacier + Arq backup

When it comes to the backup I was using mac Time Machine - it worked fine as a hard drive backup. Problem with that was using only one place to store my data.

To fix it I run on searching through the internet to see if there are different solutions to my problem. I found out blog post about Amazon S3 photo backup solution.

Main idea was to use Amazon S3 Glacier to store data. How is Glacier different from other available solutions? It turns out that you pay a really small fee for storing your data but to retrieve it you need to let know AWS in advance. Four hours in advance. It was not a problem for me so I decided to go this route.

Now I had my backup location I started wondering what tool I can use to backup data into AWS. I could used the same solution as Paweł - and do it manually but I opt for more automated application - Arq Backup. Why?

I bought both space on AWS & Arq backup and started using it. I was eager to see what will be my invoice after one month of storing data - it turns out for storing about 10GB of data I pay around USD 0.06 per month.


In this blog post I wrote why I picked Arq backup & AWS glacier as my backup solution: