On generating social images for this blog

import BlogPostImage from “~components/BlogPostImage.astro”;

I recently decided to generate social images for my blog. You know those images that are being displayed by facebook or twitter when you share link on those platforms:

Social card example

I want to get started and create something in finished time so I prepared a minimalistic version of banner using figma social branding template:

My social card example

When I had my design in place I started searching for solutions on how to generate social images. What I wanted is:

After a few minutes of googling/duck ducking I distilled couple of solutions:

All of them have their pros & cons but I decided to use the first solution - using cloudinary. Why?

How it is working?

I”m using there couple of goodies from different companies:

I wrote about pros but what are downsides of using it approach? I feel like I’m hardcoding my image generation to cloudinary.



In this post I wrote about my approach to generating social images - I’ve used cloudinary + netlify functions for that job.