On reading paper magazines

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I recently discovered joy of reading psychical paper magazines. What I really like is the fact that I need to concentrate on reading and there is no other notification or urge to skip reading. I like that it bores me and forces me to make a break.

I’m reading currently two (both in polish): Pismo and Przekrój.

Pismo and Przekrój magazines


It is a monthly magazine about different topics from: situation in Poland, what is happening with Big Tech or how is India going. I like fact that it has no ads and articles are diving deep into topics. There is poetry as well + comics and photo stories.


It is quarterly magazine that was created right after 2 WW and it was considered the gate to Western world. Nowadays it has either articles made especially for magazine or translated from other magazines. You wont find a lot of politics there - mostly it is reportages, reviews, interviews or how-to guides. I really like table of contents - I find it oddly satisfying that it is no normal TOC like in other magazines or papers. You can see it on their website.


I found interesting thing - when I have iPad & magazine next to me - it is really hard for me to concentrate on what Im reading. I move iPad to cupboard to hide from me eyes - I can read & focus on what I/m reading. There are no popup windows, no ads, no one is algorithmically curating which article to read. I fight with urge to read it to 100% and tick the boxes for a weekend - I read this - because I felt it was what I need.

I also tried programming magazine - Increment. I ordered issue about API. My thoughts? It is really nice but not so much for me. I like they way it was created but reading it was ok - not worth shipping costs to Poland anyway.