Read later with Feedbin via iOS shortcut

I recently has been playing with Feedbin read later feature. If you are using desktop browser, you can use Feedbin bookmarklet to save the current page to your Feedbin account. But if you are using mobile browser, you need to install Feedbin mobile app. I was wondering if I need yet another app on my phone so instead I decided to create an iOS shortcut.

How it works?

In essence: the shortcut will take the current page URL and send it to Feedbin API to save it to your account. I also added setup step to make sure you are authenticated with Feedbin. In this step you need to provide your Feedbin username and password encoded in base64 so basic auth can be used. Shortcut will also extract title and url of shared page via Shortcuts share sheet setup.

You can find a link here to install the shortcut.