What I'm using

Make sure to check out uses.tech for a list of everyone’s /uses pages!

Core applications

  • Chrome
  • Things 3 - for all my todos/ideas to implement lists
  • iA Writer - for all my writing & notes
  • Visual Studio Code with GitHub Dark/Light theme. I’m using MonoLisa font
  • 1Password - for managing all my passwords
  • Figma - for my atempts at creating UIs
  • Alfred. I use it as an application launcher, snippets tool, clipboard manager, browser bookmarks search and to launch workflows here and there

Core services

  • YNAB - for my budget and estimating spending.
  • Fastmail - for my emails. I really like my workflow with custom newsletter alias - I make them as read by default and consume every Sunday to coffee.
  • Feedbin - for RSS/twitter & newsletters reading

Interesting applications/services

  • Choosy - to switch between multiple browsers
  • Metting bar - display next event in menubar with option to join call with one click
  • Tooth fairy - connect & show bluetooth devices
  • App cleaner - cleanup leftovers after removing apps from mac
  • Typefully - writing interface for twitter
  • Flux - better night shift
  • Bartender - hide & show menubar apps


Coffee gear